Work with us

If you want to join our team of photographers / as and have a stable job in time with the ability to travel through the Canary Islands:

  • List your cv CV in our database and as soon have a vacancy according to your profile we will contact you for an interview via Skype.
  • Check when personal interviews around your city will be made.

It is essential to speak 2 languages​​, photography skills, outgoing personality, be a positive person and a team player. Geogrífica have full availability, because our photographers working in hotels Lanzarote, Gran Canaria, Tenerife and Fuerteventura.

After a positive interview

The steps are:

Confirmation by hr the day that should be incorporated into our company.

Shipping documentation requested This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Welcome and Integration:

We will organize an airport transfer to your new residence.

For European citizens who do not have Spanish nationality, will help in obtaining the NIE number and social security. Essential for recruitment documentation.

We also provide you basic information about where you live.

Formation 7 days to what you know new photographic techniques, poses, street shot and customer service will be used.

The theoric part will be done in our office and the practice you will do it in the assigned hotel, always with the trainer support.

During those days we value what will work best hotel because the languages ​​you speak, the way he is, the type of client that I work better (families, children, couples ...).

Conditions of work:

  • Full contract
  • We facilitate a shared house or hotel room.
  • Lunch and dinner at the hotel.
  • Fixed + variable pay.
  • 30 days annual leave.


Careers at FotoEventi Group  

All new photographers start as a photographer base. After some time working together assess whether their skills are the right to perform the duties of a team leader roles. The team leader in addition to the functions of the photographer responsible for the management team, acquiring greater responsibility and a salary commensurate to their new roles.

The next step is to be responsible for area and be in charge of several teams.

The team leaders are also eligible to join the team of trainers. Be demonstrated great teaching skills applied to the field of photography and customer service.

Team Philosophy:

In this company we value our photographers / as and we want to improve the quality of their work slowly, providing continuous training to technical and language level.

We are a team working together and we consolidated both looking for the welfare of the worker, the client and the hotel.

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