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In Fotoeventigroup know that this is the most special day of your life and we
has committed make it unforgettable.

We are photographers of emotions, we have your stories, give life
your memories.

we capture every moment of your wedding, bridal shower, prewedding, 
banquet, photo and video, fotocol, classic and digital albums.

Our work:

We do not want to miss a moment of this special day and we always
work with or complement to spread two photographers depending on time.












Foto Pre-Boda 

Each of the photographers moves to
the groom's house and Bride to capture
those moments so special, makeup,
hairstyle, costumes, (the) friends,


Foto Pre-Boda 

During the two wedding photographers
are shaping the ceremony
the couple and the moments
most moving among the guests.

Photos Pose

Foto Pre-Boda 

After the wedding accompanied the
the site who have boyfriends chosen
pose for photos here Photographer
photographers make and lighting assis-
tant ensuring perfect shots.


Foto Pre-Boda 

The two photographers are attentive to
every detail in order not to miss
a moment.




Selection of photos:

Photographers take photos all the design department, there choose
the (approximately) 100 most relevant photos from the set and
prepared for the album. The album layout and prepare a sketch
inspecting team artistic, and the couple is presented for approval,
if all this right is printed on the desired format and materials.

The Photos:

Once we deliver the finished work material consisting
a DVD with all the photos taken during the day as
took (no retouching) to DVD with selection of pictures and
retouched and prepared.

  • An Album 30 * 40 cm in the desired finish.
  • 2 albums for parents of 20 * 15 cm to match the album
    main a case or briefcase for all the material.


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