About us?

FotoEventi Group is a young, dynamic and constantly evolving, the leader in tourist photographs in the Canary Islands.The germ of the company in mid-2009 resulted in Lanzarote and Fuerteventura and are now being expanded in Canary Islands. FotoEventi Group has extensive experience and products that make up the most complete and varied offers at the same concept.

The main line of business FotoEventi Group is photography in tourist resorts. We also cover events, fairs, sporting events, weddings and any occasion that requires a good professional photographer.

How We Work

Work as a team, each team is composed of between two and five photographers and a photo-point which is our meeting point with the client, where we displays photos of the day and where they are printed and sold.

FotoEventi Group does not charge for photo service, customers only pay for the photos they want to buy. no waiting, instantly, either on paper or on CD (to include it in their own digital albums without loss of quality).

Our Photographers

We know that the success of our company depends on a lot of our staff personally select each photographer, seeking a balance between art and the courtesy that requires the direct and constant with the public.

Every photographer who works in FotoEventi Group to overcome a ten-day course where they learn to work in our system and we can assess both artistic ability and their aptitude.

Our photographers speak several languages, are experts in public relations and smile is part of their uniform.




How do the selection

our photographers:

We work with the SEPS nationwide. Also with the EURES network at European level. In this way we can work fairs or virtual employment and youth centers across Europe.

Here is the supply of labor in the major job search websites worldwide.

We contacted various schools and photo shops in Europe.

We spread our search for photographers in television, radio and newspapers in Europe.  

Our Material

In our day to day is important to work with a camera robust and reliable, which supports more than 500 shots a day and a high resolution resulting in vivid and real colours.

  • Camera +

    In Fotoeventi Group work with NIKON, D7000 or D7000, these cameras are the perfect balance between strength, reliability and quality photographic required by our work .
  • Stampante +

    Sublimacion (A5-A4)Perhaps the most important part of our team of photographers is the printer. The three parameters we seek for the selection of our printers are quality, quantity and quality in each photo-point there are two printers to print from A5 (15 * 20) to A2 (20 * 40)
  • Software +

    Street Shot is the program you have chosen for processing, protection and management of photographsThe main feature of Street shot is the ease of managing photos very quickly, so that the customer don´t loses their precious vacation time.Street shot lets you retouch and decorate the is pictureseasy and fast, it also allows the inclusion of logos or personalized frames even more, the only reminder of the holidayLast but not least, narrow software is designed to protect the privacy and image rightsof customers
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